• What Will You Learn?

    Medical Bill 911 teaches you the steps that can help ease the burden of dealing with big medical bills. It provides industry insider knowledge and practical advice on how to negotiate your medical bills. It has the potential to save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your medical expenses. Take control of your medical bills and don’t let them ruin your life and your credit.

  • How Is the Course Structured?

    Because it's an online course, you can go at your own pace. The course contains six instructional videos and a Medical Bill 911 Handbook with letter templates that you use immediately. You'll have access to all course materials, and can review them at your convenience. Of course you'll want to get started right away reviewing your medical bills and applying what you have learned so you don’t need to pay even $1 more than you owe.

  • How Can You Sign Up?

    If you think this sounds like a fit for you, click the "enroll now" button above to access all the course materials immediately. This is your chance to get serious about negotiating your medical bills and take action now.

Over the past 4 years I’ve been featured on national television shows and quoted in Media Outlets including

Fox News
Associate Press
Washington Post
Chicago Tribune
Minority Nurse

Discover the SECRETS to negotiating your medical bills! Save THOUSANDS of $$$$ and keep your money in your pocket!

America’s healthcare system has a broken medical billing process. This story is being heard around the country as millions of Americans struggle with medical billing problems – from inaccurate charges to surprise fees to wrongly denied claims. Millions of Americans are giving up on trying to fight their medical bill errors and surprise fees. Medical Bill 911 will save you money, can help keep you out of bankruptcy, and will give you the exact steps you need to make sure your medical bills are accurate – so you don’t need to pay even $1 more than you owe.

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